Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Putting Colorworld in the Frame...

"We have heavily invested in a state of the art framing service" This is the quote being splashed about on our most recent campaign covering our Framing Service here at Colorworld Imaging. The quote comes from our Business Development Director Mike Brydon. Over the past 6 years that Mike has been in his position with the family firm he has over seen huge changes and investments to ensure Colorworld can keep up with modern day techniques, technologies and trends.

Expanding the Framing Service has been a huge project which has taken a few years to get to the size it is now, yet is framing as popular as it once was?

With many photographers constantly looking to out do each other with newer and unique products has the focus shifted away from the basics of good quality craftmanship and the beauty of this form of presentation? Current trends have seen the desire for modern materials such as acrylics and metals. But do these items really satisfy the needs of today's customer or more interestingly just the needs of the photographer.

Effective marketing is about ensuring you are meeting the demand in your target market, are photographers too busy looking for new products rather than looking for desirable products that actually sell consistently?

That question would have to be answered on an individual basis however there is no argument on the desirability of quality.

Colorworld Imaging have a 4 man strong team of framers who create each and every frame from hand; starting with the cutting of the moulds to length, joining the corners perfectly on angle, sandwiching the print, mats and acrylic glass together, securing a quality backing and then finishing with wall fixtures ready for hanging. With eyes and hands on each frame there is no chance of any imperfections. The slightest defect and the frame is removed from production and a new frame produced.

The framing team produce an astounding array of framed prints ranging from standard family portraits to Graduation Ceremonies and Achievement awards. They sort through over 34 types of moulds ranging from chunky traditional mahogany, to modern metallic silvers and bronzes, mixed in with minimalistic glossy white and black, there really is something for every style of photographer and client.Not only that, but you can choose a totally different style for example the Box Frame or Canvas Box Print.

Watching each individual image go through the different stages from a basic photographic print to a completed framed product, it is easy to see that as much dedication and care goes into the finished product as the photographer took on creating the image. Everything from New Born Babies to Wedding Anniversaries and every life event in between goes through the hands of the framing team.

So, going back to my earlier questions - which type of photographer are you?

To see all of our Framing Service products and options visit our display range on our website

Precision in imperative.

Colorworld have invested heavily in expensive machinery to ensure the finest of quality.

Large volumes for Graduations and Sporting Events.

We have the capacity to make frames up to 40x30"

Awaiting their designated image.

Concentration is key to creating quality. Not wanting to disturb one of our framing team.

A few snapshots of our samples hanging in the studio - This is a Canvas Box Print in Black by Kevin Pengelly.

Work by Gordon McGowan (left) double mounted in our F33 Mould. And Andrea Johnson (right) in F11 with multi apeture mount in double mount with black and white.

Another great piece from Dave Wall framed in our F19 in White Wash.

Friday, 5 July 2013

Product Packages

As an MPA contributing writer I regularly impart advice on products and services, this article was published in the latest issue of Master Photography as a follow up to the previous months article on product selection. This issue I discussed how to present and package your product selections.

My last article discussed the need to open up your product range in order to maximise appeal and become more versatile. So this issue I’d like to provide some offerings of advice on how best to create your packages and the elements that should be assessed.

Providing more than the basics
Every photographer can offer an album, but does offering an album make you stand out from the competition? Does it show your creativity? Does it maximise your profits post event? In my opinion and that of many others the answer is no. I advise Colorworld customers on a daily basis about how to go about creating their packages and I present the following strategies:

Target Your Customers
When targeting your customer you need to recognise 2 types of people;
Type 1 – Budget Clients. These are the ones who are primarily ruled by their budget and will be looking for the most they can obtain within that realm.
Type 2: Style Clients. These are the most desirable clients as they are motivated by the product and getting something different and creative. They are not primarily governed by money and may bend the rules on their budget to get the product they desire.

Tiers or Bundles
By bundling or tiering your products you can ensure you address both budgets and styles with your products.
Tiering: think of it as Gold, Silver and bronze. This firstly means you can offer the product range based upon budget and so target the budget motivated clients. Secondly however, and this is where the psychology comes in, no one likes being last and so by having options in a tier your client will be motivated to spend a certain amount extra to get the Gold if their budget is flexible.
Targeting the style conscious is also a key element in product offerings. These clients are looking for a product that encompasses a style element; they want something different from the norm. So capitalise on these motivational factors by only having the stylised elements as a top tier and not just a larger replica of your lower tier. These customers are not limited primarily by budget and so are willing to pay the extra if necessary.

Tiering Example:
Gold: 16x12 Album, 2 8x6 parent albums with Designer Box and Framed Print.
Silver: 14x10 album with 2 7x5” parent albums and a Designer Box.
Bronze: 14x10 Album with 2 7x5” parent albums.

Bundling: If you find Tiering too restrictive then Bundling may be a strategy that you feel more affinity with. Bundling opens up your product offerings by allowing the client to in essence create their own package. You can choose to keep pricing simple by choosing products that would all fit within a price tag i.e. £100 per bundle or you can price them individually and standardise your profit margin.

Example: Start with a basic 14x10” album as a starting point and display your bundle options.
Bundle 1: 2 Parent Albums
Bundle 2:  4 Photographic Mini Books
Bundle 3:  Designer Box
Bundle 4:  Designer Box + Mounted Prints
Bundle 5: Designer Thank You Cards
Bundle 6: Framed Print

Bundling is a great way to ensure you offer exactly what your client wants however it does have its risks as you may only end up with a package worth less than a standard Bronze Tier package.

Get Creative!
Don’t just offer 2 types of album. Create a package that is more desirable and versatile with other products such as a framed print. This technique will also mean that you can employ a higher mark up or sell up for more profit. Sure you can employ a single album as a basic product but presenting packages or bundles means you can up sell from this starting point and really maximise your profit after the event.

My last piece of advice is to always have a signature piece; something other photographers in your geographic area don’t have, this will help attract those type 2 clients who have a tendency to spend more as they are looking for something different. With the amount on offer from pro labs there is always something you can offer, be it a vintage feel cover material, a designer treasure box or a fine art paper.
And remember that you can always contact your pro lab for help and information.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

MPA Published Articles: Product Choices

Hannah Frawley our resident Marketing Manager has been writing articles for many years and her recent items are in support of the MPA. See her articles in their Master Photography Magazine Issues April and also June 2013 for guidance on how to maximise your profit and product offerings.

Do you want to make more profit from your images? The answer to that question for the majority would be ‘yes but how?’ Well economically speaking you have to ensure that you are meeting demand yet many photographers are still not offering a comprehensive finished product range that matches what the market is requesting.

CD v’s Album
When presenting product choices to your clients it is often difficult to communicate the intangible benefits of a finished product and often easier and time efficient to provide your images on disc. In this day and age of technology it would be the obvious move but can you imagine a world where images are only kept on a disc? What a dull and un-emotive environment that would be. Not to mention with the rate at which technology becomes obsolete – will there be CD drives around in 20 years’ time, my guess is not however a finished product survives for as long as it is cared for. What also about quality? By handing over your work you are handing over your businesses reputation to a novice. How good will your images look printed by a local commercial outlet compared to a professional photographic lab? Will you get better reviews on good quality or bad quality prints? The answer is an obvious one however photographers are still continuing to throw away potential profit.

Restricted Product Ranges
Traditionally a photographer who does offer finished products would restrict the client to their chosen merchandise however by restricting selections you could inadvertently be restricting your profit. Different products appeal to different types of client and so by ensuring you are offering the widest range possible you are targeting your services at the widest range of clients. This doesn’t mean you are down grading your target market, your price range is the key to affecting that, more products simply means more appeal, more appeal means more interest.
I have 15 years of marketing experience for a wide variety of industries however in these challenging economic times regardless of the market, the key to success is diversification. The most successful photographers are the ones who can react to market changes. The basic of marketing is supply meeting demand, and those who have the most diverse range of products tend to see a steadier flow of clientele with higher average spends.

Product Presentation
There are cries of ‘but I don’t want to compromise my style’ and ‘but it gets too complicated to offer a wider range’ which for some it can be but I’m not encouraging a barrage of product guides onto your bride to be, I am advising on offering a wider, less complicated solution that will still match your character and style but most importantly encourage a higher average spend.
Many of the professional labs now offer sample cover sets for their albums and this is the most efficient and cost effective way of offering a wider range for your clients. No longer do you have to spend hundreds of pounds on sample albums and leather swatches, you can now have all of the options to present to you client in a simple yet appealing arrangement with no compromise on style or quality.
What about other products such as framed prints? Framed Prints are an excellent method of up selling on just 1 image, yet many wedding photographers only offer the traditional album. Why is this when the market is crying out for innovation and creativity? With software such as Studio Partner from Colorworld Imaging you can present over 35 Moulding styles to your client against their chosen image live on screen. There is no longer the need to purchase frame chevrons or cumbersome display boards in order to present this kind of product.

Product Selection
The truth is you can’t offer every single product on the market, so how do you go about diversifying your range without confusing or alienating your potential clientele?
If you are interested in increasing your product range my advise is to speak to you chosen pro lab. Pro Labs have traditionally been seen as just that, print labs however we have had to diversify our offerings too to meet your demand too and so offer much more. We can inform you on market trends, best selling products, new products, variations on your chosen products and we can look at your product range and advise on how best to tailor it to the market demand. At the end of the day, your success is our success so we should be working on it together.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Colorworld Present their 2013 Portfolio.

Colorworld have officially launched their new product portfolio for 2013 and it is a totally new look for the 45 year old company proving that although they have been in the industry for nearly half a century they are still as fresh and as relevant as ever.

There is a plethora of new products as well as extensions to current product lines, many new products brought in by customer request. Colorworld will continue to add to their catalogue thought 2013 so keep up to date by registering on their website for updates and newsletters.

Mike Brydon Business Development Director for Colorworld Imaging “ This is a very exciting time of change for us at Colorworld, we have brought on a new Marketing Manager and the effects of this are now started to come to fruition. We have expanded our ranges for 2013 and updated our brand to ensure we are still relevant and providing exactly what our customers need to be successful, and hopefully welcome many new customers for 2013 to join in on that success”.

For 2013 they have introduced many new products such as the Full Cover Presentation Box (See Image ©Alireza Zendehpir My World of Beauty 2013). 

The Leather Presentation Box is perfect for many uses:
  • Album Presentation
  • Mounted Prints Presentation
  • Luxury Keepsake box for brides and babies
  • Branded Marketing Tool
  • Portfolio Box
Hand made by our crafted trades-people these boxes are made using Genuine Leather in a choice of 16 colours, or maybe choose from the range of 15 buckrams or macrosuedes. The ability to create unique products from this line is limitless as are its uses. 

The 2013 Product Portfolio can be viewed online 24/7 via or downloaded so you can also have access to it offline. If you would like a paper copy please email with your customer number. (Customer number received after registering via our website)

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Colorworld Support MPA Diamond Jubilee Awards

The Master Photographers Association (MPA) has announced the winners in its 2012 Master Photography Diamond Jubilee Awards. The main winnersare Vanessa Ho, Clare Louise, David MacDonald, Louise Sumner, Aaron Ang and Chris Bradbury and Colorworld would like to extend their congratulations to all of those who collected an award.

The event was held at the Newcastle Gateshead Hilton Hotel –only 2 miles from the Colorworld Lab and so the Colorworld Team were out in force to support and celebrate the year’s achievements. The event was a glittering collection of world class photographers and Colorworld were very proud to be part of such a momentous occasion and also to celebrate the 60thanniversary of the association.

Colorworld support the MPA through a Trade Partnership and sponsored 4 awards at the event; Alex Brydon Managing Director of Colorworld presented the Pets & Animals award to winner Paul Walker, Business Development Manager Mike Brydon presented an award to the winner of the UK Wedding category Louise Sumner, Operations Manager John Wlkinson presented David Allan Stanbury with his award for Adult Portraiture and Sales Manager Neville Hutchinson presented the Cherub of the Year award to Nicholas Frost.

Colorworld were especially proud as Managing Director Alex Brydon was presented with a Special Recognition Award “I was totally surprised and astounded to receive an award, I have been part of the industry for many years and it is always a positive feeling to be recognised for the hard work you put in. Colorworld works extremely hard to provide high standards in the industry and it’s great for that to be recognised by such a nationally respected association of professionals.”

Colorworld Managing Director Alex Brydon receiving his Special Recognition Award from the MPA Chief Executive Colin Buck (Hon) FMPA

Alex Brydon presents Paul Walker with his award for the winning image under the Pets & Animals category.

John Wilkinson Operations Manager at Colorworld (centre) and Steve Walls (Guest Speaker) present David Stanbury with his award for winning the Adult Portraiture Category.

Mike Brydon Business Development Manager of Colorworld (left) and Steve Walls (Guest Speaker) present Louise Sumner her award for UK Wedding Photographer.

Neville Hutchinson Sales Manager for Colorworld presents Nicholas Frost his award for the winning image under Cherub of the Year.

Colorworld have provided successful panel printing for many an MPA member and will continue to strive to maintain high standards in the industry in order to support the professional photographer. All of the award winning images can be viewed at

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Customer Survey Prize Winner

Congratulations to Richard Galloway of Galloway Photography

Richard has won a Google Nexus 7 Tablet! He was one of hundreds of entrants who took part in our Customer Survey 2012 during August 2012.

Every entrant received 25% off a framed print and one lucky person was picked at random to receive the top prize worth £200.

Thank you to you all - we will share the results with you soon!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Dave Wall Training Day Monday 10th September 2012

The Ultimate Guide to People Retouching Monday 10th September 2012

With over 25 years of experience running a variety of both photographic and
retouching studios. Dave has amassed a knowledge that is second to non within
the UK photographic industry across a wide and varied set of disciplines.
As well as being a multi-award winning and internationally published photographer,
Dave is also a highly regarded and sort after seminar speaker and trainer.
Offering a variety of unique, humorous and informative seminars it is no wonder his
services are in such high demand by industry leaders in both the UK and abroad.

His vision as a photographer and not a retoucher has enabled him to connect and
understand other photographers needs. A rare talent indeed and one that has led
him to retouch images for many leading photographers and a plethora of
multinationals around the globe.

Dave will be covering all aspects of skin retouching:
  • Banish Blemishes
  • Write out wrinkles
  • Create perfect skintones
  • Even out blotchy skin

He will also cover other areas:
  • Perfect Sepia
  • Cross Processing
  • Vintage
  • Split Toning

View Dave's website for more information on his work 

The day will cost only £80 and will include a plethora of freebies and goodies:
  • Money off vouchers for Colorworld Imaging
  • Discounted Pro Select (Presentation, Sales and Workflow Software)
  • Discounted Oneone Products (Creativity Design Package)
  • and more to be confirmed!

The training day will be held at Colorworld Imaging Pro Lab Seminar Suite,
Cumberland Road, North Shields, NE29 8RD.
To book contact or 0191 259 6926.

We look forward to seeing you then!